Meadow Walker Says Father Paul Walker Was Set To Make More ‘Fast & Furious’ Movies

Meadow Walker Says Father Paul Walker Was Set To Make More ‘Fast & Furious’ Movies
Paul Walker Andre Luis/Wikimedia Commons CC

Paul Walker, the late Fast and Furious star could have made $80 million if he did not die in 2013. This is what the legal documents filed by the lawyers of his daughter Meadow said.


The amount is an estimate of what the star could have earned in rest of his career. He was already committed with three more “Fast and Furious” movies. According to his daughter, Meadow, these movies plus other projects would have fetched the star around $30 to $80 million, TMZ reported.

Meadow was recently awarded $10.1 million from Roger Rodas’ estate. Paul Walker was one of the most successful actors of Hollywood but his life came to an untimely end following a vehicular accident. He was just a passenger and was not directing the driver at the time of the crash. The negligence is said to be done by the driver — his friend Roger Rodas. The court found the driver to be partly accountable for the accident.

According to the documents, Meadow and her mom got permission to buy a house worth $2 million from the settlement amount. Meadow received $7 million while the attorney Jeff Milam received $3 million for the case, Daily Mail pointed. However, Paul Walker’s earning should have been a point of consideration for the settlement.

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The attorney mentioned that Rodas was killed immediately due to the impact while “Meadow’s father… was a passenger in the car. He survived the crash but was trapped and burned to death because of the vehicle’s defects.”

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