Paris Attacks: Sprint And Skype Offering Free Calls To France

Paris Attacks: Sprint And Skype Offering Free Calls To France
French flag francois schnell / Flickr CC BY 2.0

To help people all over the world reach their friends and family in France after the Paris attacks, major U.S. carriers like Sprint and T-Mobile are offering calls either for free or at reduced rates.


It was Google that started to allow free calls to France through Project Fi. Those who are not customers of Fi yet were offered free international calls via Hangout. After Google, Sprint and T-Mobile joined in. Here are what these telecom companies are offering you.

If you are a Sprint user, the company is allowing you to make calls as well as texts to France for free. This is applicable to both prepaid and postpaid customers. Sprint is offering the same to customers of its subsidiaries, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. Exclusively for Monday, postpaid customers of T-Mobile in Puerto Rico and U.S. will be allowed free calls as well.

Skype is also offering free calls via mobile as well as landline phones to France. If you find yourself unable to leave France due to the Paris attacks, or if your loved ones are in Paris, you can reach out to loved ones without worrying about bills or constant charges, thanks to Sprint, T-Mobile, and Skype. We also should not forget to thank Google for making call services available for free immediately after the Paris attacks.

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