Paris Attacks: False Alarm Creates Panic In City On Sunday Night

Paris Attacks: False Alarm Creates Panic In City On Sunday Night

Terror continued to haunt the city after the Paris attacks. As sequel to the horrific incident that happened Friday night, fear shook the masses as misinformation created a new threat, forcing people to run for cover.


Paris was trying to get over the wounds inflicted by the attacks on Friday. Starting Sunday morning, people started gathering in public places to show that they couldn’t let jihadists win. But misinformation about two shooters near Les Halles created panic once more.

A young man said he heard the sound of an explosion and started running away from the spot. Police, though, confirmed it wasn’t anything but mere fire crackers.

Life came to a halt that night when false confidence was shattered. Thousands of Parisians ran away from the meeting square at Place de la Republique due to the panic. So intense was the panic that people even plunged in cold waters of the Ourcq canal.

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Earlier, French President Francois Hollande described the Paris attacks as an act of war. He also declared a state emergency for the first time since the Algerian war. The ISIS attacks triggered massive terror throughout France. A shadow of warning has eclipsed the City of Lights.