Paris Attacks Encryption: Encrypted Messaging Apps Like WhatsApp, Telegram And Signal Used By Terrorists For Attacks?

Paris Attacks Encryption: Encrypted Messaging Apps Like WhatsApp, Telegram And Signal Used By Terrorists For Attacks?

There are debates about the Paris attacks encryption through various messaging apps. Technology’s main intention is to help the human race. To make lives easy. But there are brains out there that misuse the technology and destroy lives. For the exact reason, the debate has always been on whether experts should develop more advanced technology or not.


French and American officials have said that there is no proof that terrorists used encrypted apps to carry out Paris attacks encryption of messages, but ever since that unfortunate day, there have been news that advanced technology was used by ISIS. Tech companies have always been blamed for snooping around private data. This is what made some of companies launch encrypted apps, so users know that their conversations are private. But as doubts emerge, the law has no other option than to argue about the extent privacy should be allowed.

Mr. J Bratton, Police Commissioner of the New York City to told Face The Nation, “We, in many respects, have gone blind as a result of the commercialization and the selling of these devices that cannot be accessed either by the manufacturer or, more importantly, by us in law enforcement, even equipped with search warrants and judicial authority.” On the contrary, Matt Blaze, a computer security expert, University of Pennsylvania said, “All the encryption in the world doesn’t help if the end point that holds the keys are compromised. So this idea that encryption make terrorists’ communications go completely dark has a pretty big asterisk next to it.”

Signal, Silent Circle, Telegram, Whatsapp and Wickr are some of the encrypted communication apps. These apps were used for the Paris attacks encryption of messages. Encryption technology is also apart of Apple’s iMessage service which is constantly being defended by the company’s Chief Executive, Tim Cook. He says that keys to decode messages are with users, not his company. Should limitations be placed on technology to avoid terror attacks like Paris attacks? Could the Paris attacks encryption of messages be prevented by the authorities are the right time with the right cooperation from companies?

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Only further investigation will uncover the real story. Till then, all will remain mere speculations.

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