Paris Attacks: Boston Flight Evacuation A Sign Of Panic

Paris Attacks: Boston Flight Evacuation A Sign Of Panic

In the aftermath of the Paris Attacks, a Boston-bound American Airlines flight was evacuated on the ground in Washington because the crew thought the two people were “behaving suspiciously.”


Are these signs of panic? Would anything like this have happened prior to the Paris Attacks?

The flight in question, American Airlines Flight 2124, was set to depart from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport on Sunday afternoon when the in-flight crew expressed concerns about two seated passengers. Immediately, a K-9 unit swept the aircraft as passengers were ordered out.

The K-9 unit didn’t detect any threat. While the rest of the 115 passengers boarded the plane, D.C. Police grilled the two passengers before releasing them. The two “suspects” were boarded on a later flight.

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“I think what happened was one of them was sitting in an exit seat and they couldn’t speak English. He shouldn’t have been sitting there… I think that’s what made them suspicious and they had no luggage,” Mark Collier, a passenger, told Fox News Boston.

With news of the Paris Attacks still fresh in their minds, the experience was nerve-wracking for the passengers. “There are a lot of thoughts going on in your mind at that point….about what may happen,” said Gavin MacPhee, another passenger onboard the Washington-Boston flight.

In the aftermath of the Paris Attacks and the airline crash in Egypt, airport authorities have beefed up their security measures, which are being reevaluated by U.S. officials. Over the weekend, there was heightened security in major U.S. airports such as L.A., Boston, Chicago and New York.

On Monday, Reuters reported that IS released a videotape message threatening D.C.

Let’s hope that there aren’t any more false alarms. If anything, they only cause panic.