Paris Attacks Suspects: Authorities Conduct Nationwide Raids To Find Those Responsible

Paris Attacks Suspects: Authorities Conduct Nationwide Raids To Find Those Responsible
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Raids are being carried out across France in the wake of the deadly Paris attacks that occurred Friday. Authorities are on the hunt to capture the network responsible for the attacks that killed 129 people and left hundreds injured. Who are the Paris attacks suspects? Find out more in this special report.


Friday’s attacks occurred at six locations, which included a concert hall, Stade de France and at least two restaurants. These coordinated attacks involved shooting and suicide bombings. Speaking with CNN, a French counterterrorism source said that there is a high possibility that the people involved in the tragic incident still remain at large.

Paris Attacks Suspects

Abdeslam Salah, 26, the eighth possible suspect, is on the run. He is one of three brothers involved in the attacks. Brahim Abdeslam, 31, was killed after he blew himself in a cafe; the third brother, who hasn’t been named, was arrested in Belgium.

On Sunday, seven people suspected of having links with the attacks in the French capital were detained in Belgium. These seven would later hear whether they will stay in custody longer. Three other suspects were detained Saturday.

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Responsibility for the Paris attacks was claimed by the Islamic State group or ISIS. In addition to the 129 dead, as many as 350 people were injured.

Three Kalashnikovs were discovered in a car found in the French suburb of Montreuil, nearly six kilometers east of Paris, a French police official said. While the weapons have not been analyzed, the vehicle they were found in is believed to be one of two that were used in the attacks, as reported by TIME.

A Syrian passport was found at the stadium where three bombers blew themselves up. Although there is no conclusive proof that the passport belonged to one of the Paris attacks suspects, Greek authorities traced the passport to a refugee who arrived on the Aegean island of Leros on a migrant boat. Since this finding, concerns and the debate regarding the Europe migrant crisis has reignited.

European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker, said that those responsible for Friday’s Paris attacks “are the very same people who the refugees are fleeing and not the opposite.” He added, saying, “There is no need to revise the European Union’s entire refugee policy.”

Of the eight attackers, at least two had spent time in Syria, according to the Washington Post. One senior European intelligence official said, “That so many people, some of whom had been known to police, had been able to plot such a large attack, using suicide explosive belts, weapons, without the intelligence services knowing — that’s a major failure of the intelligence services.”

Many are still unknown about the Paris attacks suspects, but authorities are already on their feet to get to the bottom of this incident.

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