Paris Attacks: 9th Suspect On The Loose, More Clues Uncovered

Paris Attacks: 9th Suspect On The Loose, More Clues Uncovered

A ninth person believed to be responsible for the Paris attacks is also on the loose; a surveillance video with The Associated Press confirmed this. The video shows two men both wearing black using automatic weapons to fire at victims in a bar. The two then calmly ride a getaway vehicle to escape the scene.


According to French investigators who have spoken on condition of anonymity with AP, a ninth suspect remains unaccounted for.

There were already seven suspects who also died on Nov. 13. Three died at the national stadium, three inside the Bataclan concert hall and another at a restaurant nearby. French and Belgian police have been hunting for key suspect Salah Abdeslam.

Speaking with CNN’s Erin Burnett, key suspect Abdeslam’s older brother urged for his 26-year-old brother to surrender to the authorities. “I would tell him to surrender. That’s the best solution. But of course, if he has something to do with it, he must accept responsibility,” the brother said.

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Intelligence officials have also been hunting for Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the grand mastermind behind the Paris attacks. According to intelligence officials who have spoken with CNN on condition of anonymity, the Belgian citizen was believed to be Syria-based.

Investigations also unraveled further clues about a terrorist ring that may have planned the onslaught. Investigators were able to retrieve cell phones believed to be used by people involved in the attack. A message which reads “OK, we’re ready” was discovered from one of the cellphones recovered.

“It points to a sort of organization… an attempt to try to synchronize what was going down,” as explained by CNN terrorism analyst Paul Cruickshank. However, the greatest challenge to the investigating body is cracking the encrypted apps to lead them to the person or people receiving the messages.