Parallels 11 Brings Cortana To Mac Before Siri Arrives

Parallels 11 Brings Cortana To Mac Before Siri Arrives
Parallels 7.0 Ruben Schade / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Ever since Microsoft Cortana came around the corner, users of other operating systems are curious about it. For Mac users it’s all about Siri, so Parallels has made it a point to bring Cortana on Mac before Siri arrives.


Parallels, a virtual machine for Mac, has brought Cortana for Mac with Parallels 11. We previously talked about the installation of Windows Cortana using bootcamp. This time it’s Parallels bringing the update. There is whole bunch of upgrades in the virtual machine to be experienced.

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The virtual machine Parallels 11 will start and shut down Windows 50% faster than previous versions. The virtual assistant will be available with the update. You don’t need to install Windows 10 from Apple Bootcamp if you don’t want two operating systems running in separate drives of the same system.

Parallels, with the last few versions, has made it possible to run Windows apps on the Mac. Mac users are experiencing the Windows experience with Parallels 9 and 10, which are currently in use. The coherence mode of Mac computers makes that possible.

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Cortana for Mac works smoothly with Parallels 11. It takes advantage of Mac’s location data, complete with a clear voice recognition system that runs without any delay. You can barely discriminate it from native apps of OS X.

Just open your Mac, login to Windows using Parallels 11 and place your command for Cortana. Windows assistant will be ready at your service.

Parallels’ new version 11 is currently available for $80. Parallels 11 for Mac Pro Edition will cost $100 a year. If you are upgrading from Parallels 9 or 10, the price will be reduced to $50.

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