Papa Murphy’s Introduces ‘Bacon Bacon Bacon Pizza’

Papa Murphy’s Introduces ‘Bacon Bacon Bacon Pizza’
Papa Murphy’s Bacon, Bacon, Bacon Pizza / Papa Murphy’s Website

Papa Murphy’s has come up with a pizza flavor that features a ridiculous amount of bacon. After all, they said it only makes sense to bring together two of America’s most beloved foods, pizza and (you guessed it) bacon. The result is the Papa Murphy’s Bacon Bacon Bacon Pizza.


Papa Murphy’s President and Chief Executive Officer Ken Calwell said the goal behind creating the restaurant chain’s newest flavor is to go “above and beyond for bacon lovers.” Just in case you’re still wondering, this new pizza from Papa Murphy’s really has thrice the bacon. This is because the bacon on this pizza has been prepared three ways. 

On the Bacon Bacon Bacon Pizza, you will find Canadian bacon, pepper bacon and of course, crispy bacon. This mix of bacon goodness is put on Papa Murphy’s fresh, scratch-made original crust along with some traditional red sauce, freshly shredded whole milk Mozarella cheese and mixed onions. And just like everything else on Papa Murphy’s menu, the Bacon Bacon Bacon Pizza can also be customized with some additional toppings from the restaurant’s Create Your Own line in the store. Meanwhile, customers can also choose to bring their pizza creation home. Simply put it in the oven for 12 to 18 minutes at 425 degrees to enjoy hot, freshly made Papa Murphy’s Pizza.

The Papa Murphy’s Bacon Bacon Bacon Pizza is available at various participating Papa Murphy’s restaurants nationwide. If you want to have a slice, though, do not wait till the holidays are over. This bacon crazy pizza is only available until December 30.

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