Pakistan’s Kim Kardashian Strangled To Death In Honor Killing

Pakistan’s Kim Kardashian Strangled To Death In Honor Killing
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Qandeel Baloch, also being referred to as Pakistan’s Kim Kardashian, was strangled to death by her brother for posting provocative images of herself on the social media. Baloch became a social media sensation by sharing controversial images of herself, which received varied responses.


She rose to fame in 2014 when a video of her pouting and asking viewers “How em looking?” went viral on social media. Her bold and sexually suggestive images, which received wide publicity, were taken as a challenge to the traditional societal system of the country.

According to BBC, Baloch’s rise to popularity has many similarities with that of Kim Kardashian’s, and the comparisons include controversial selfies, the pursuit of celebrity and so on. A recent image of her with a Muslim cleric had also become very popular. But women in Pakistan still don’t enjoy most of the basic rights, and the condition is worse for poorer women.

Baloch considered herself an exponent of girl power and in a recent interview expressed her critical views on Pakistan’s patriarchal system. Many hailed her as a cultural icon, while others showered her with misogynist abuses online.

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Reuters reported that according to Punjab Police spokeswoman Nabeela Ghazanfar, the real name of Qandeel Baloch was Fauzia Azeem. She was killed by her brother Waseem, who is on the run, at her family home on the outskirts of Multan, a city in Pakistan’s Punjab province, on Friday. Her body was discovered on Saturday and the police arrested her parents.

According to sources, Waseem did not approve his sister’s decision to upload provocative images and videos on social media. He had even asked her to quit modelling.

“He had serious reservations regarding her pictures being circulated on social media,” Muhammad Azeem, Baloch’s father told reporters in Multan. “He escaped after strangling Qandeel.”

Ghazanfar said, that the murder appears to be an honor killing but further investigations will reveal the real motives behind it.

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