Padres Mocked By Twitter For 27 Scoreless Innings, Kenta Maeda Rising Star Of Dodgers

The San Diego Padres have become the laughing stock of the Major League Baseball. On Wednesday, they set the league record with 27 scoreless innings to start a season.


The Padres surpassed the previous record set by the 1943 St. Louis Cardinals when they failed to score in the eighth inning against Los Angeles Dodgers on Wednesday night.

The Padres’ season so far has featured 27 innings, 0 Runs, 11 Hits and 3 Losses. After running into superstar Clayton Kershaw in the opener, they got shut down by former all-star Scott Kazmir the next night. But those shutdowns were still understandable since Kershaw and Kazmir are established pitchers.

Kenta Maeda > Entire Padres Squad

On Wednesday, the Padres got embarrassed by Japanese rookie Kenta Maeda, who single-handedly outscored the entire San Diego Squad. After a strong pitching performance, he hit a home run in his debut game as the Dodgers registered a dominating 7-0 victory. |Box Score| |Watch Maeda’s Highlights Above|

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Maeda finished with five hits and struck out four over six innings. “I was a little nervous at first. But my teammates scored four runs for me. That really relaxed me a lot,” Maeda said after the incredible debut performance. So amazing was Maeda, he earned the respect of Kershaw.

“I’m happy for him, and he’s been great all spring training,” Kershaw said of the rookie. “He’s an awesome guy. I know that it probably feels good to get that first one out of the way. He looked great. He did everything we thought he could do and even hit a homer, so that’s going to be tough to match.”

New superstar is born…

A.J. Ellis, the Dodgers catcher, acknowledged that his team had unearthed a superstar. “It was disbelief. It’s entertaining. And not only were we enjoying Kenta, but we were ragging on each other. JT’s line was ‘Whoever in Vegas had Maeda with the first Dodger home of the year is never working again.’”

How do the Pares bounce back from the latest humiliation? Social media wasn’t willing to spare them. Let’s recap some of the funniest tweets from the night: