Pablo Schreiber Upset About Losing Mustache In Orange Is The New Black

Pablo Schreiber Upset About Losing Mustache In Orange Is The New Black
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In a recent interview given to AwardsLine, Pablo Schreiber, playing the character of George Mendez in the American television series “Orange is the New Black,” made it clear that he was actually upset on the fact that screenplay writers erased the mustache from his character.


Schreiber happened to like it and he was quite excited to see his character playing with that interesting mustache on his face. But when he got the script for the third season he discovered that the character had lost the moustache that has been the signature style of George Mendez in the show.

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Upon pointing that out, writer Jenji Kohan informed him that it was Lauren Morelli’s episode. Actually, the team wanted to portray Mendez at his lowest and then slowly build him up. Losing the mustache was the first step to that.

In the interview, the actor also revealed that he was not able to get to the earlier season because of his busy schedule. When asked by Jenji to get into the third season for 3 episodes as they wanted to keep the character alive, Schreiber accepted the offer. And after reading the script he was actually impressed with the scope of the role.

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Schreiber also said it was fun working for this Netflix series and he thinks that his character is now moving towards something better.

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