Pablo Schreiber Talks About Being The Most Hated Man On Twitter

Pablo Schreiber Talks About Being The Most Hated Man On Twitter
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Pablo Schreiber is one of those stars who climbed to fame with the successful TV series “Orange is the New Black.” As the show inches towards its season 4, Adweek decided to do an interview of the star who has all positive feelings about the show while enjoying every bit of the fame he has received.


When asked about how he feels about his roles in “Orange in the New Black” and “Law & Order,” and the fact that he is one of the most hated men on Twitter, he said, “It was all in fun. I think that those were both characters that people love to hate, you know? But I never felt that it got too personal, and—knock on wood—I haven’t had too many hecklers or people bad-mouthing me on social media, which doesn’t look like a lot of fun when I see other [actors] deal with it.”

Schreiber is the Emmy Award nominee for his role of “Pornstache” in “Orange is the New Black,” and it appears that he has a good chance of winning the trophy. The show itself received a nomination in the Outstanding Drama category. However, the show was kicked out of the comedy category.

The show may not be winning in the drama category as there are some heavy duty shows in the same “Game of Thrones,” “Homeland,” “Better Call Saul,” “Downton Abbey,” “House of Cards,” and Mad Men. The 67th Emmy award is going to be special that way with audience noticing a lot of surprises in the show.

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