Over 15 Million T-Mobile Customers Compromised By Hack

Over 15 Million T-Mobile Customers Compromised By Hack
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T-Mobile President and Chief Executive Officer John Legere had recently expressed his sincerest apologies to T-Mobile customers whose personal information may have been compromised during a hack at an Experian server. It is believed that as much as 15 million records of people where acquired by the hacker.

According to Experian, they had discovered the hack on September 15. An unauthorized party reportedly gained access into T-Mobile’s data housed in an Experian server. The said data contained various personal information of consumers who had applied for the T-Mobile USA postpaid service from September 1, 2013 to September 16, 2015. Moreover, these application records display a consumer’s name, address, Social Security number, date of birth as well as an identification number, which can be a driver’s license, military ID or passport number. At the same, Experian also said that additional information used for T-Mobile’s own credit assessment was also accessed by the hacker.


Experian had already notified federal, law enforcement and government agencies of the hack. They had also undertaken additional security steps in the hopes of preventing a future data breach. An investigation into the data theft is currently in progress. At the same time, Experian also said it is notifying consumers who may have been affected by the hack and is offering them free credit monitoring and identity resolution services for two years.

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Experian has been quick to assure T-Mobile and the affected consumers that payment cards and banking information was not compromised during the hack. Moreover, Legere said, “We are working with Experian to take protective steps for all of these consumers as quickly as possible.”

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