‘Outlander’ Season 3 Premiere Date, Cast & Spoilers: Major Characters Returning, New Season Will Be The Best Of The Series

‘Outlander’ Season 3 Premiere Date, Cast & Spoilers: Major Characters Returning, New Season Will Be The Best Of The Series
Outlander Season 3 Moyan Brenn / Flickr cc

After a riveting first season, Outlander lost its way somewhere in season 2, with less enjoyable moments. However, the upcoming season 3 is expected to bring back the glory to the time travelling series.


Fans will be able to see Tobias Menzies reprising his role as Claire’s husband Frank in season 3. Menzies confirmed the news of his return on Outlander season 3 to Variety.

His return might indicate that the upcoming series will focus on Claire and Frank’s marriage, while Brianna was growing up. Menzies’ comments also indicated that fans will get to see how their marriage turned hopeless in the face of Claire’s growing love for Jamie and his time travelling stories. This will allow Menzies a considerably meaty role for the season.

For the Outlander series, which started off strong, season 2 was a disappointment. But it could end up becoming one of those stories that managed to pick up on the expectations following a lull.

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In season 3 Menzies will be playing both the roles of Black Jack Randall, a man who believes in acquiring what he wants through brutality, and Frank Randall. Black Jack Randall has been the main villain in Jamie’s world, and added a lot of drama to the series, the Cinema Blend reported.

Sam Heughan, the series lead, said that he really hoped that fans would be able to witness a fight between Jamie and Black Jack Randall in the Battle of Culloden.

“If you’ve read the books you will know that Randall will appear again,” he said “I know that Diana has written the scene of how they ended up [back together], so hopefully… and who know, I haven’t read the script yet, but hopefully, we’ll get to see Jamie and Randall in the battle of Culloden.”

Inverse.com reported that Outlander season 3 is mainly a rescue mission and the story will be more straight-forward this time. The upcoming season will introduce a few new characters but will have the old ones on board as well. There will also be some new locations. Viewers can expect the best of the last two seasons in the upcoming one.

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  • Sandra Arkanoff

    I loved Season 2 of Outlander. It was different than Season 1 but still good with some wonderful costumes, acting, and scenery

  • B Lewis

    Season 2 may have been a disappointment to you, but definitely not to me. The majority of episodes were deeper and focused on moving the story forward. Additionally, “Faith” was the strongest tv episode I have ever watched – and I’ve been watching tv a long time; the acting was stellar, and evoked emotions I have never experienced while watching tv. Bravo to season 2, and I’m excited for season 3 takes the story.

    • KCH

      Totally agree about Faith. Fantastic acting from Sam and Caitriona! TV that can bring me to tears is rare, but this one did it.

    • Joy Balmer

      The only person I’ve heard of who thought season two was a “disappoint” and a “lull” was–well, this author! Obviously she’s never read the books, and had no idea what the story was about.

  • yeah that

    I loved season 2 after Jamie and Clair came back from France. But, they had to go to progress the story along. Season 2 finale was so very good, just loved it. Makes me look forward to season 3!

  • Mary Martin

    What makes you think the fans were disappointed in season 2? It followed the book closely. The costumes were superb, the settings spectacular, and the acting sublime.

  • Exactly who was disappointed with Season 2? It’s the way the story goes! Yes, it was different, but it was GREAT! Can’t wait to get it on DVD and watch it all over again.

  • dee

    Season two was NOT a disappointment, it was visually beautiful and introduced important characters that shaped Claire and Jamie further.
    Fergus was introduced and we saw much more of Jack’s instability. We said good bye to characters we loved and mourned the loss of Faith.
    We saw Jamie and Claire rekindle their relationship. We quietly agreed with Murtagh after Jamie killed Dougall.
    If you read the series you know that much was left out due to time and ability constraints. Though the second season was not as in depth as the book it was a wonderful season and I have found more in it each time I watch.

    • KCH

      Totally agree!

  • SparkleGrammy

    This is a load of horse manure. I dare say if they planned on focusing season three on Frank again, I and many others would stop watching the show. And season two was not a disappointment. It had some magnificent episodes. Disappointed that I clicked on this mess.

  • TutuWuwu

    Date for season 3? Totally useless article by someone who is not at all familiar with the story, and probably didn’t even watch either season.

  • Arlene Rogers

    I agree with some of the posts here. Who says Season II was a disappointment???? Yes there weren’t as many sex scenes, but not all of us are focused on that aspect of the saga. Not that I object, but what they did made sense in the light of the shortening of Jamie and Claire’s stay at the Abbey. I for one love that they have used Tobias Menzies’ talents to make a deeper story of Claire and Frank. Duncan LeCrouix has rounded out Murtagh to a wonderful character. That is not to minimize Sam and Cait, both of whom have grown so much in their acting ability, even though I thought they were great in Season I too. I still am totally enthralled with the show. Yes, it is different from the book, but viva la difference!

  • Terri Lee Osborn

    I disagree that Season 2 was a disappointment! I loved season 2, even more than Season 1!

  • Aileen Price

    Just to point out that Caitriona Balfe is the series lead. No disrespect to Sam.

  • Jan LaBouve Remling

    I loved season 2, speak for yourself lady. I loved Paris, the clothes, the cast and the intrigue.Coming back to Scotland was getting ready for war; it would never be fun or sexy…it is what it is, brutal.

  • Heike Hofstede

    Sam Heughan is not THE lead in Outlander, thats Caitriona Balfe. And no, the second season is no disappointment, not for me. May be for someone who is dreaming of Sam as “the” lead character. Menzies and Balfe where extraordenary and the season had a lot of wonderfull bits and gems for the book readers….hurray to Ron and Maril and the writers of the script….