‘Ouija: Origin of Evil’ Trailer Out: Fans Disappointed As Early As Now!

‘Ouija: Origin of Evil’ Trailer Out: Fans Disappointed As Early As Now!
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The “Ouija: Origin of Evil” trailer is finally out! Does it look as scary as the original “Ouija” film? For fans who caught the trailer, it looks disappointing already!


Would “Ouija: Origin of Evil” be successful in bringing satisfaction to the moviegoers?

When the American supernatural horror film’s teaser video was released on Thursday, a number of fans immediately shared their initial reaction.

While the movie is said to be a prequel to the original one which was released in 2014, one follower of Movie Clips Trailers on YouTube questioned why “Ouija” got a follow-up project.

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“How…how…HOW? How did this shit get a prequel?” one follower commented while another one stated that “Ouija: Origin of Evil” is actually better than the first one.

“To be fair this one looks better than the first one,” the said user wrote about the trailer. “But that’s not saying much.”

Meanwhile, another YouTube account holder noted that “I actually payed [sic] to watch it, I went to the movies to watch a movie on the wrong date, I didn’t want to look like an idiot so I watched it. Still feel like an idiot for watching it.”

However, amid these not-so-good comments, one user appeared to be optimistic about the upcoming prequel “Ouija: Origin of Evil.”

“They attached the promising new director Mike Flanagan (oculus, hush), there is good reason to expect this movie to actually be decent.”

According to the Deadline, Flangan also wrote the new movie together with Jeff Howard.

The plot of the “Ouija” prequel is set in 1965 in Los Angeles.

“A widow and her two daughters add a Ouija board to their scam séance business, and wouldn’t you know, things go south,” the report said about its synopsis. “The younger child is possessed by something of pure evil that makes a Slinky out of her spine. It’s up to Mom and Sis to send that spirit back from whence it came.”

Catch Henry Thomas, Elizabeth Reaser, Doug Jones, Parker Mack, Sam Anderson, Kate Siegel, Annalise Basso and Lulu Wilson in “Ouija: Origin of Evil” on Oct. 21.

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