Oscars 2016 Organizers Rely On Chris Rock For Higher Ratings

Oscars 2016 Organizers Rely On Chris Rock For Higher Ratings
Chris Rock, Oscars 2016 via Facebook

The Oscars 2016 nominations stirred controversies around Hollywood, especially when several personalities of color protested that their race was not included among those who could receive the golden emblem.


In fact, the official host for the event, Chris Rock, was challenged by men of color to boycott the event. This may be haunting for the Academy, but recent reports claim that they may have been betting on Rock to bring in huge ratings for the event. Will he attend?

Chris Rock once hosted the Academy Awards back in 2005. However, despite negative reviews about his performance during that event, Oscars 2016 still lodged the comedian to host the event this February 28, 2016.

As reported by New York Times, Rock was previously referred to by USA Today critic Robert Bianco as, “Loud, snide, and dismissive. He wasn’t just a disappointment. He ranks up there with the worst hosts ever.” Despite the negative feedback, the event was able to garner 42.2 million viewers in 2005. Only one host was able to overcome his record – Ellen DeGeneres, who was able to garner 43.7 million viewers last 2014.

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This time around, Rock won’t be too troubled about negative reactions about his performance, said the source, but he will have a deeper problem to face: the alleged lack of diversity the Oscars 2016 nominations caused, reported MacLeans. In fact, the report states that the host is under dilemma as to whether he will defend the Academy from the current issue or make fun of it come his hosting gig. Is that what the Academy looks forward to – for them to garner viewers and attract more profit?

Since then, the Academy had been having trouble with respect to their profits, especially when the airing of the Oscars over the years have yielded less viewers for the event. With the decline, the source indicated that Rock’s participation could remedy the viewership, especially when the “boycott the Oscars” issue is ongoing.

Rock’s aggressive jokes and his solid fan base was deemed to be the primary focus of the Academy in having the host back for another show. In fact, the report reveals that Rock has 3.8 million followers in social media, has appeared on several talk shows since 2008, and has produced several shows for television.

In fact, Scott Rudin, a producer of “Top Five,” claimed, “Chris Rock is the smartest person I know. If there is one person never to be against, it’s him.” Will Rock be the Oscars 2016 herald to higher profits?