Oscars 2016 Highlights: Nick Jonas Spotted Eyeing Brie Larson

Oscars 2016 Highlights: Nick Jonas Spotted Eyeing Brie Larson
Oscars 2016, Nick Jonas via Facebook

The Oscars 2016 was an extravagant event attended by Brie Larson, boyfriend Alex Greenwald, and Nick Jonas, among others. Despite Larson attending with her significant other, Jonas was spotted checking Larson out at the red carpet. Furthermore, the Jonas Brothers member was also rumored to be dating Kate Hudson. Which is which, Nick?


Last Sunday, the 88th Academy Awards commenced where Brie Larson won an award for Best Actress for her performance in “The Room.” She was accompanied by Phantom Planet band member and boyfriend, Alex Greenwald, during the event.

Despite Larson clinging to her boyfriend, E! Online reports that Nick Jonas awkwardly checked Larson out, as seen on a post in Snapchat. In fact, Jonas was the one who posted the video on Snapchat, showing him gawking at Larson’s Oscars look. Was he supposed to do that, knowing that the Academy Award winner has a boyfriend?

In other news, Jonas was also rumored to be dating actress Kate Hudson. When confronted with the issue, Hudson said, “One: can women not be friends with men? Two: are they implying that a single woman is constantly looking to be in a relationship or is in need of a man? You don’t get that with men,” as reported by Daily Mail.

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When asked about being in a relationship again, Hudson responded, “If it doesn’t work, you can’t force it. The bigger you love, the more vulnerable you are, the scarier it is if it’s lost. So people tend to get more and more protective of their heart. Well, I’ve spent a lifetime not wanting that to ever happen.”

Denied! Seems that Nick Jonas is not getting lucky around women this year. From eyeing Brie Larson at the Oscars 2016 even with her boyfriend around, to Kate Hudson slamming rumors about them dating, this is definitely not Jonas’s year. With respect to women, at least.

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