Oregon College Shooting: Gunman Ranted About Not Having Girlfriend In Manifesto

Oregon College Shooting: Gunman Ranted About Not Having Girlfriend In Manifesto
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The gunman who opened fire at an Oregon community college, killing nine people, left behind a manifesto where he spoke about not having a girlfriend.


Christopher Harper-Mercer wrote in the manifesto he left at the Umpqua Community College that he thought everyone else but he was “crazy.” He wrote about dying “friendless and a virgin” in the document, which also had the number 666 scrawled across them. The document said, “Other people think I’m crazy, but I’m not. I’m the sane one.” It also highlighted Harper-Mercer’s fixation with the devil. One of the sources familiar with the document said, “The guy did this for satanic reasons. He did it to become a god in hell.”

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The manifesto detailing his “motives” along with the thumb drive was left behind after the massacre, both of which are being analyzed, according to the official. The official further added, “He had a hatred of black people, women, everyone. The drive and manifesto are being analysed. There is a lot about his hatred of organised religion.”

After opening fire and unleashing terror in the college, Harper-Mercer killed himself. He was enrolled in an English class at the college.

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Randy Scroggins’ daughter, who narrowly escaped being shot, told him Harper-Mercer gave another student a backpack and told him to hand it over to the police. The backpack contained a thumb drive.

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Although classes do not resume until next week, some staff members, faculty and students came to school to pick up the possessions and belongings they had left behind when they fled, according to Chicago Tribune. Among them was one student who was injured in the incident, President Rita Cavin said. She did not identify the student.

The driveway leading to the Snyder Hall, where the accused opened fire, was the venue for a memorial service. “It was hard not to focus on Snyder Hall,” Joel Mitchell, a student, said. “When we got back, I think a lot of people were probably … looking at it, checking it out, seeing what it looked like.”

Chaplains on campus said they were helping students left traumatized after the incident. Chaplain Russell Wilson said, “I’m going through the grieving process myself because this has touched everyone in the community. If you don’t know someone that goes here, you know someone that knows someone.”

President Barack Obama said that he will be traveling to Oregon to visit the families of the victims.

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