‘Orange is the New Black’ Star Michael Harney Discusses Healy, Indicates his Return in Season 5

‘Orange is the New Black’ Star Michael Harney Discusses Healy, Indicates his Return in Season 5
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Orange is the New Black Season 4 delved into Sam Healy’s past to reveal what led to the personal and professional disconnectedness of the character.


Michael Harney in a recent interview spoke about his character Healy and his bonding with Lori Petty’s Lolly Whitehill. He also indicated that the character will be back in Season 5.

From Season 1 to 3, Healy came across as not so good in meeting the norms of his duty. But his painful background was revealed only in Season 4. The season dived down the memory lane and the viewers were met with an embattled younger Healy with a mentally-ill mother.

He connected with Lolly, an inmate with a history of mental illness, after discovering her similar background. Healy’s story made up some of the most touching moments of the season, as it tried to address the issues on dealing with mental illness, Yahoo TV reported.

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“ You know, the whole issue of mental illness and depression, we, for some reason, our society is really still in the dark ages when it comes to acknowledging and including people, and accepting without judging, people that are struggling with mental illness,” he said in an interview with Yahoo TV.

He added that there are a lot of people out there who are struggling within and according to him those who are dealing with invisible problems like mental illness and depression needs support of the society.

The Season 4 wrapped up with Healy turning himself into a mental institution and watching Caputo’s press conference. Harney also confirmed that fans will be able to see Healy in Orange is the New Black Season 5 as well. But he did not say how that would be possible. The new season will be released on Netflix in 2017 but a specific premiere date is yet to be decided.

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