‘Orange Is The New Black’ Star Jackie Cruz Pays Tribute To Selena In Her New Video

‘Orange Is The New Black’ Star Jackie Cruz Pays Tribute To Selena In Her New Video
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It’s time for “Orange is the New Black” stars to be back in news. Jackie Cruz, the star from the show, has offered her tribute to Selena with her reworking on “Como La Flor.” Jackie, before starring in “Orange is the New Black,” was a singer and a great fan of Selena.


Cruz broke the news on her Instagram profile recently. She mentioned in the post, “My heart is smiling right now! I’m so happy that everyone is receiving my tribute to Selena with so much Love!” In another post she added, “Today I am so thankful for all of the Love! #Selena was such a beautiful person and I have been wanting to do this forever and couldn’t think of a better person to tribute. This was meant for her and the people that love her, so thanks again for all of the support!”

Though it is a tribute to Selena, she never filmed a video for it. However, it remains one of her remarkable hits. Music was always the first love for Jackie Cruz who released an EP in 2010. She landed the role and is now a series regular. She is currently filming for “Orange is the New Black” season 4.

While Cruz is more interested in recording originals with her band, she also decided to include the number to pay tribute to her favorite. The video was shot in Garret West which is a sister spot of Garret East. The New York bar will be opening this week and Cruz is a partner of it.

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A cute guy is featured in the video – the real life boyfriend of the “Orange is the New Black” star. She mentioned, “He’s my video ho!” adding, “He works at The Garret East as a mixologist. And he’s also a painter. So what you see is basically our life.”