‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 5 Release Date: June 2017 Air Date Confirmed? What Will Happen To Daya?

‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season 5 Release Date: June 2017 Air Date Confirmed? What Will Happen To Daya?
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The previous season has left everyone crying because of Poussey’s death but fans believe that there is more to that. As viewers mourn with their loss, questions are also raised as to how this incident happened and what would happen next and the answers are coming near as “Orange Is The New Black” is set to come back next year for Season 5.


Netflix’s OITNB has been so successful when it comes to ratings, which is why they keep on being renewed for another season and in this case, it has been reported that June 2017 will be the official date for the fifth season.

Poussey’s death made a big impact on Taystee. The two have always had a special relationship since the first season. Danielle Brooks spoke for her character  Taystee, “It’s war. Taystee has nothing to lose; she’s lost everything that she cared so deeply about. It’s time to fight. I think that’s where we will see Taystee go.”

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The other character to watch for is Daya. On the last installment of Season 4, Daya was caught handling a gun and clenching Correctional Officer Thomas Humphrey’s hostage. Daya’s mother, Aledia, has gotten released from prison. Daya has always been easy to sway by bad people. Would Daya continue to be like this or perhaps prioritize her child first before anything else? Will we also discover where Bennett has been all this time?

Dasha Polanco, who portrays Daya, personally thinks that her role is unpredictable due to postpartum depression. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she said,  “I could see her pulling the trigger. Daya’s definitely experiencing some postpartum depression. She might pull back and think about being a mother and not wanting to miss the opportunity of being with her child. But a woman going through postpartum — at that point, they’re very fragile and very sensitive.”

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