Online Beauty Products Have Rat Droppings and Urine – Report

Online Beauty Products Have Rat Droppings and Urine –  Report
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Counterfeit beauty products sold online have rat droppings, human urine and poisonous chemicals, authorities have found. Additionally, victims who are lured of buying these products online found their bank accounts compromised.


Fake online beauty products is produced in dirty factories

Laboratory tests conducted by authorities in the UK found that fake beauty products sold online, including perfumes, eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss and foundation, are made in unsanitized and unhygienic factories. Fake perfumes contain cyanide and human urine while fake eyeliners, mascara lip gloss and foundation sold online have arsenic, mercury and lead. Some of the phony make up brands have rat droppings and human urine.

UK’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit or PIPCU is also warning against fake electrical beauty products such as hair curlers, dryers and straighteners. There have been reports of electrocution, overheat and burnt hair, skin and scalp due to these counterfeit electrical beauty products.

Online buyers’ bank accounts were compromised

The PIPCU has suspended more than 5,500 fake websites selling beauty products online. Those who have bought from these websites also reported that their bank accounts were compromised after their online transactions.

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“Not only could these products have serious implications to your health and wellbeing but by simply going online and buying from a rogue site or dealer, your personal and financial information is at risk,” said Maria Woodall, City of London Police detective superintendent.

“We have had victims who have bought fake items online only to discover later that the criminals behind the site have used their payment details to make further purchases or even use their personal details to set up hundreds of illegal sites selling counterfeit goods,” she said.

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