OnePlus USB Type-C Cable Isn’t Charging Your Phone? Get A Refund.

OnePlus USB Type-C Cable Isn’t Charging Your Phone? Get A Refund.
OnePlus One opopododo / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Recently, a Google engineer on his Google Plus account said that the OnePlus USB Type-C adapter isn’t suitable for charging the Chromebook Pixel, Nexus 6P or Nexus 5X, as it is using the wrong identifier resistor. Defending itself, OnePlus said that USB Type-C cable and adapters are compatible with OnePlus 2 and are completely safe when used for the device.


But what if you have purchased this USB separately to charge another smartphone, not OnePlus 2? OnePlus will give you a refund, if this is the case. On its page, the company wrote, “Recently it has come to our attention that two of our products, the OnePlus Type-C cable and the OnePlus USB Type-C adapter, are using a resistor that may not be fully compatible with some third-party devices.” OnePlus further said, “If you’ve purchased the OnePlus USB Type-C cable or adapter on the OnePlus website as standalone products to use with devices other than the OnePlus 2, we are going to offer an opportunity to apply for a refund.”

You can apply for a refund only if you have purchased the OnePlus USB Type-C cable as a standalone accessory to charge smartphones other than OnePlus 2. If you acquired this cable along with OnePlus 2, you are not eligible for a refund.

The compatibility issue is confusing. Not many people understand why OnePlus Type-C cable is working for some devices but not for others. For better understanding, OnePlus has posted this table on its forum:

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Table 1 OnePlus USB Type C Cable Isnt Charging Your Phone? Get A Refund.

If you are eligible for a refund, here is how to apply for it. Visit the OnePlus site, choose which product you are requesting a refund for: OnePlus Type-C cable or OnePlus USB Type-C adaptor. Then fill in your order number, enter your email ID, and submit the form.