OnePlus 3: Another Snapdragon 820 Phone In The Making?

OnePlus 3: Another Snapdragon 820 Phone In The Making?
OnePlus fuzzy CYANOGEN opopododo/Flickr CC BY 2.0

OnePlus One, OnePlus 2, OnePlus X, and now OnePlus 3. The company never rushed into manufacturing handsets; it is slowly increasing its speed, though. These high-end budget phones have always been in demand, but its “invite only” system was highly disappointing. Now, the company is making its devices invite-free, making them available for almost all of us.


The company was recently in the news for making iPhone 6S cases and having open sales for the holiday season. And now, it is back in news with its upcoming device, the OnePlus 3. The leaksters believe that the next flagship phone from OnePlus is going to be powered by Snapdragon 820. This is the same chip Qualcomm launched and will be used by high-end phones next year. With Snapdragon 820, will OnePlus join the high-end league? As usual, the company is planning to bring another feature from “cannot afford” smartphones to a “can afford” phone. This doubt will get cleared only in 2016. Or maybe another leak will give us the pricing details.

This upcoming device is also said to have 1080 x 1920 resolution display. Experts believe that OnePlus plans to bring QHD display to their devices. If this is true, then OnePlus 3 might be another budget phone from the company that packs Qualcomm’s latest chip, Snapdragon 820. With this chipset, the device will be able to deliver most of the high-end features. It can surely compromise on other features then. Why compromise? Because if budget phones start giving what $600 and $800 phones are giving you, there won’t be any market for these phones. This is something no company would want.

Is OnePlus 3 an invite-only phone? Is it a budget phone? Is it a high-end phone? What are the specifications? For answers to such questions, keep watching this space.

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