‘One Piece Film Gold’ Characters Double Down, White Jack, Saint Kamael Voice Actors Revealed

‘One Piece Film Gold’ Characters Double Down, White Jack, Saint Kamael Voice Actors Revealed
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Toei Animation has announced the different One Piece characters that will be making guest appearances on One Piece Film Gold. The Japanese animation studio also revealed the actors who lent their voices for the upcoming anime movie.


One Piece Film Gold will hit Japanese cinemas on July 23. It will be shown on 743 theaters in five cities in Japan. Additionally, fans will have the option of experiencing the movie in either 3D, 4DX or MX4D.

To build further hype for One Piece Film Gold, Toe Animation on Wednesday outed a list of the film’s guest characters and their respective voice actors. Spearheading the group is actor-director Naoto Takenaka and funnyman Masakazu Mimura.

Anime News Network reported that Takenaka did the voice work for Double Down and White Jack. Double Down is reminiscent of cartoon character Johnny Bravo since they both have hulking upper bodies with lanky lower extremities. Meanwhile, White Jack is a quack doctor who is involved in turtle car racing.

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Mimura did the voice work for Saint Kamael, a monk figure who purposely travels to Gran Tesoro. Other guest casts and their voice actors include the following:

  • Hikari Mitsushima as Carina
  • Ryō Narita as Curve
  • Okarina as Kame
  • Nanao as Baccarat
  • Kinya Kitaōji as Reizu Max
  • Kazuhiro Yamaji as Gild Tesoro
  • Rena Takeda as Lepre
  • Gaku Hamada as Mr. Tanaka

In related news, anime special One Piece: Heart of Gold will premiere this coming July 16 on Fuji TV. Airing starts at 9:00 to 11:10 pm (Japan Standard Time). Fans may want to tune in as the made for TV special is a prequel One Piece Film Gold.

“There exists a mysterious treasure that even Tesoro desires, the Pure Gold,” read the teaser for One Piece: Heart of Gold, via One Piece Podcast. “The Straw Hats meet a girl who knows where this treasure lies, and they head for the legendary island, Alchemy.”

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