One Direction Niall Horan Solo Album Title & Release Date Confirmed? ‘On The Run’ Debuts July 10?

One Direction Niall Horan Solo Album Title & Release Date Confirmed?  ‘On The Run’ Debuts July 10?
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As reports about the new solo album of One Direction member Niall Horan continue to hug the headlines, the latest rumors claimed that it will finally be out by July 10.


According to Twitter account Snatched Bops (@SnatchedBops), the 22-year-old Irish singer-songwriter’s fans need not wait longer for the arrival of his new project “On the Run.”

“Niall Horan’s debut solo single is titled ‘On The Run’ and will be released July 10th. #Confirmed,” the post read.

However, one follower named One Direction ‏(@CaitlynLoves1Dx) appeared to have questioned the veracity of the announcement, “@SnatchedBops #NotConfirmed.”

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Meanwhile, another fan hinted that what the account had declared about the supposed Niall Horan solo album could just be one of the stories published on Wattpad.

“That’s a Niall/1D Story on Wattpad lol,” Niall’s Princess ‏(@Nialls_No1) commented. “Anyway Niall Recently said in an interview that he was writing for fun.”

Twitter account Snatched Bops has a series of fails, and yet some truths too when making these announcements, so who knows if this time it is actually true?

In an interview with Express UK, the Mullingar, Ireland-born artist however, already denied the speculations that he has a solo album, even though yes, he had been writing songs.

“I’ve been in the studio writing bits and pieces,” Niall Horan dished. “Nothing is really in the pipeline in particular, just keeping the mind ticking over and doing what I like.”

The 1D member even continued by saying that “I’ve always been into the writing and trying out different things musically.”

“I’ve made relationships with a few writers over the years so it’s been good calling them up saying, ‘Do you want to write?’ then popping into the studio,” the boy band member added. “I haven’t done much, about five sessions maybe. I’ve just been chilling out.”

It can be recalled that back in February, the group decided to take a break.

Considering this, Niall Horan admitted that he “kind of misses” the time when they were still busy with their gigs, although he enjoys the “lie ins and being his own boss.”

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