The Omen Prequel Movie ‘The First Omen’ Now In Production

The Omen Prequel Movie ‘The First Omen’ Now In Production
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The Omen prequel movie is now in the works, 40 years after the first film was released. 20th Century Fox is piecing together the big-screen comeback of the film that popularized the concept of the anti-Christ.


Though not as heart-pounding as many horror franchises, it has been hugely popular since it was first released in 1976. Popular enough that new parents had to think twice before naming their new son “Damien.”

According to Screen Rant, after a 2006 remake failed to gain attention, 20th Century Fox is planning to revive the franchise. The film is set in a time before Ambassador Robert Thorne discovers that Damien, his adopted son, is the anti-Christ of the Bible and the one who will destroy the world.

Besides the premise of the movie, not much is known about the sequel’s plot, other than it will not feature any member of the Thorne family. It is possible that the film will tell the events and circumstances that led to the birth of the anti-Christ.

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The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Antonio Campos, the director of “Christine,” is currently in negotiations to direct the film. It is also reported that it will be produced by David Goyer and Kevin Turen under Phantom Four.

It is odd that Fox chose to do a prequel for The Omen when A&E is currently airing Damien, a sequel series about the franchise. Although Damien’s ratings are obviously not in Game of Thrones territory, it might still cause confusion to the overall story.

It is unknown if 20th Century Fox saw a potential in the horror-thriller franchise or simply chose the franchise on a whim. Given the recent successes of its other films and the supposed popularity of The Omen, doing a prequel movie is worth a shot.

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