Olympus Air A01 – Turning Your Smartphone Into A DSLR

Olympus Air A01 – Turning Your Smartphone Into A DSLR

Olympus Air A01 is introduced to convert your smartphone into a DSLR. Are you ready to take smartphone photography to the next level?

Since the smartphone manufacturers have started focusing on improving the imaging technology, photographers have shifted their focus to smartphone photography, as it is not just convenient to carry and handle a smaller device, but it also allows photographers to instantly edit the image. Why just edit? With smartphones, you can also share your pictures on all the social media platforms or photography websites in just a few minutes.


Having said that, like SLRs, smartphones, too, have their own limitations. Zooming, clicking pictures with desired effect, high quality images, setting aperture, working in low light, etc. are some of the things which require a proper camera, or at least, a professional lens.

Understanding the plight of photographers, Olympus has introduced Olympus Air A01, a range of lenses to bridge the gap between smartphones and SLRs.

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By attaching any of these lenses to your smartphone, your smartphone will be converted into a DSLR. You will have to run a setup, after which you will be presented with a number of shooting options like:

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i. Mode Dial

ii. Color Creator

iii. Photo Story

iv. Clips

v. Art Filter, etc.

Apart from the options listed above, these lenses also bring complicated photography to smartphones like macro shooting, as the lenses can be used without attaching to the phone while using the phone only as a display screen.

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Another plus point of Olympus Air A01 is that it connects to your phone via Wi-Fi. So, sharing your photos on the web also becomes easy. The only concern with this smartphone-turned-DSLR is its battery. You will always have to carry a pack of extra battery with you as the phone’s battery may quickly drain. But carrying an extra pack of battery is much better than carrying a DSLR, especially when you are traveling at places where you cannot afford to carry too many bags or luggage.