Octopus Makes Bold Escape From Aquarium, Crawls Back To Pacific Ocean!

Octopus Makes Bold Escape From Aquarium, Crawls Back To Pacific Ocean!
Octopus damn_unique / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

An octopus managed to escape from the New Zealand National Aquarium and made it into the ocean.


Inky’s (the octopus) aquarium was left slightly ajar after a routine cleaning. The gap was enough for Inky to squeeze itself out of the tank, make its way across the floor and exit the aquarium through a drain pipe that opens into the ocean.

Inky’s disappearance was noticed by workers at the aquarium. As stated on the official website of City of Napier, Council Communications Manager Robyn McLean said, “There was a wet streak across the floor in the direction of a drain pipe which went out to the Pacific Ocean.” Because of Inky’s shortened limbs, a result of fighting with fish on Pania reef, he was able to pull off the bold escape. The stunt has since became viral and reported by big news sites around the world.

Aside from Inky being only the size of a rugby ball, octopuses are able to push themselves through the tiniest of places as they can stretch themselves to extremes, Rob Yarrall from the National Aquarium told Stuff.co.nz. “As long as its mouth can fit,” he said. “Their bodies are squishy but they have a beak, like a parrot,” he added.

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No foul play has been detected in Inky’s disappearance. Reiss Jenkinson, the exhibit’s keeper, said, according to The Guardian, “I have seen octopus on boats slip through bilge pumps. And the security here is too tight for anyone to take Inky, and why would they?”

Yarrall said that no new octopus to substitute Inky – who was brought to the center for the first time in 2014, after it was pulled from the ocean near Pania Reef by a fisherman and an aquarium volunteer – is being sought. Nevertheless, they would welcome one if it came along, he added.

“[Inky] was very friendly, very inquisitive and a popular attraction here. We have another octopus, Blotchy, but he is smaller than Inky, and Inky had the personality,” Jenkinson said, as reported by The Guardian.

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