Obsessed Kylie Jenner Fan Expresses Love With Bizarre Tattoo

Obsessed Kylie Jenner Fan Expresses Love With Bizarre Tattoo
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Unique and absurd. That’s how many described the tattoo of Kylie Jenner’s biggest fan. In an attempt to show his love, Johnny Cyrus, an 18-years-old devotee, permanently tattooed her lip kit on his arm.


Johnny is surely Kylie’s biggest fan in the block, having tattooed all eight original colors of her lip kit line on his arm, E! Online reported.

The tattoo came as a surprise even for Kylie. From Kourt K to Dolce K, all the colors were on the arm of the boy, who showed the before-and-after pics of the tattoo, as Perez Hilton reported.

Johnny started with a Snapchat post stating, “Here you go,” and after two hours, he posted the final outcome for the world to see. The final post mentioned, “KYLIE LIP KIT SWATCHES TATTOO.” He knew how a tad crazy he was, because he admitted the morning after through a tweet that he is “beyond obssessed.”

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It remains to be seen what this guy will do if Kylie Jenner released more lip colors. Will he tattoo his other arm, too?

Meanwhile, Kylie Jenner’s fashionista status is being questioned by bewildered fans who cannot understand why she took credit for the “wigs trend,” when wigs have been around for centuries. Many said she is not even that influential when it comes to fashion. We are sure Johnny Cyprus does not agree with these critics.

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