Obama Vows To Help Arab Partners To Combat External Attacks

Obama Vows To Help Arab Partners To Combat External Attacks
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U.S. President Barrack Obama has strengthened his relationship with Arab partners by promising to provide Persian Gulf nations with extra security forces to fight against external threats. On Thursday, he assured that the U.S. will provide military assistance to Gulf allies in the wake of increasing regional unrest. Obama vowed for a “new era of co-operation.”


He announced immediate transfer of arms and missile defense systems. He also declared expansion of joint military training and other programs. Though Obama did not declare new security deals with the Arab partners, he restated that current agreements allow the U.S. to assist allies with military forces if required.

Obama announced the deal with Arab partners during the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council for a rare summit at Camp David, which includes Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain. Obama assured them that the U.S. is committed to help protect their security when Gulf is going through tough times.

“I was very explicit … that the United States will stand by our GCC partners against external attack,” Obama told reporters.

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With the increasing risk, Obama said that the U.S. will enter into a joint statement with the GCC right after the summit.

“In the event of such aggression or the threat of such aggression, the United States stands ready to work with our GCC partners to determine urgently what action may be appropriate, using the means at our collective disposal, including the potential use of military force, for the defense of our GCC partners,” the statement said.

“The United States is prepared to work jointly with the GCC states to deter and confront an external threat to any GCC state’s territorial integrity that is inconsistent with the UN Charter.”

Obama also said that the U.S. and Gulf will work together in the interest of the regions and would land full support to battle Islamic State terrorism and progressing unrest in Syria, Iraq, and Libya.

“We are still going to face a range of threats across the region,” declared Obama. “We are going to work together to address these threats.”

He claimed that Syrian President Bashar Assad has no future in Syria. Both sides agreed that they could work jointly for the “ultimately destroy ISIL/DAESH in Syria,” and warned extremist group for creating terror for the Syrian people, to the region and to the international community.