Obama Speech: ‘Terrorists Have Rights, We Should Respect Them’

Obama Speech: ‘Terrorists Have Rights, We Should Respect Them’
“Even Terrorists Have Rights And We Should Respect Them” Obama To American People Daily News USA / Twitter

U.S. President Barack Obama allegedly tweeted on Wednesday, saying that even terrorists have rights and deserve respect. The tweet, which has gone viral since posting, has generated mixed reactions from netizens.


The tweet, which was posted by bogus news website Daily News USA, had a caption that reads, “’Even terrorists have rights and we should respect them’ Obama to American people.”

The alleged tweet from no less than the president of the United States expressing sympathy to terrorists came after Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump accused Obama of founding the notorious group ISIS.

In an article published by the LA Times, Trump told the crowd at one of his rallies last week that Obama has been supporting the infamous terrorist group known for killing hostages and staging a series of bombings in different parts of the world.

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Obama Tweet

Trump swiped at Democrat candidate Hilary Clinton, who’s been leading the recent presidential surveys. Trump accused Clinton of being a “co-founder” of the notorious group, even calling Clinton as “crooked.”

But as soon as the tweet spread like a wildfire, social media users have expressed their frustrations. While some expressed displeasure with the malicious image that went viral, some saw the connection between the tweet and Trump’s recent statement against Obama.

“ISIS is honoring President Obama. He is the founder of ISIS,” Trump was quoted as saying by LA Times.

The dubious news website that circulated the tweet in question has been known for spreading controversial tweets and articles aimed at increasing the site’s traffic. The site has been notoriously known for clickbait strategies, Snopes reported, wile validating that the tweet did not come from Obama.

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