Obama Speaks In Support Of Equal Pay, Criticizes Republicans

Obama Speaks In Support Of Equal Pay, Criticizes Republicans
Barack Obama (used by Wikipedia, etc) Marc Nozell / Flickr CC BY 2.0
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2174935053 55d9e5e7cc z2 Obama Speaks In Support Of Equal Pay, Criticizes Republicans
Image from Flickr by Marc Nozell

In his town hall meeting in Charlotte, which ended on Wednesday, President Obama urged women to demand equal pay and fair treatment.


He said, “You’ve got to remind your daughters that things are not perfectly fair, but people who work hard can make it fair.

“We want them to think the world is wide open to them.”

The event, held with websites SheKnows.com and BlogHer.com, focused on everyday issues faced by American women, including childcare tax breaks, equal pay, jobs and student debt.

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According to CNN, Obama said, “Let me say, Michelle would point out that first ladies get paid nothing. So there is clearly not equal pay in the White House, when it comes to her and me.

“But before we were in the White House, I wanted to make sure Michelle got paid as much as she could … If she had a bigger paycheck, then that made us able to pay the bills,” Obama said. “Why would I want my spouse or my daughter discriminated against? That doesn’t make any sense.”

In the 80-minute session at ImaginOn, Obama discussed how the economy could be improved under his administration while also criticizing the GOP for slashing education budgets and not implementing the Paycheck Fairness Act. He said women doing the same work as men deserve equal pay.

The Republic National Committee, in response to Obama’s verbal attack, said, “When it comes to helping women in today’s economy, President Obama is all rhetoric and no results. During his presidency, weak job growth and lower paying jobs have left more women in poverty.”

According to The Charlotte Observer, the RNC said that the percentage of women in poverty increased from 14.4 percentage in 2008 to 15.8 percent in 2013. Women have also been unable to find jobs following the recession and have struggled to secure equal pay.

The audience praised Obama for the optimism his words instilled. Marcia Lampert, board member of Crisis Assistance Ministries, said, “It was like sitting in a living room with him.

“I thought he gave a lot of hope to women and families with practical ideas and policies he’s already implemented … and all the things he still thinks we need to do.”

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