Obama Sees Game Of Thrones Season 6 In Advance, You Can Too & Here’s How

Obama Sees Game Of Thrones Season 6 In Advance, You Can Too & Here’s How
Game of Thrones Season 6 Teaser via Facebook

President Barack Obama will be the only person, outside of HBO, to be able to watch the screening of the episodes of season 6 of Game of Thrones, showrunner Dan Weiss said at a premiere event.


“He’s the leader of the free world,” Weiss said. “When the commander-in-chief says, ‘I want to see advanced episodes,’ what are you gonna do?”

This year, HBO announced that advanced screeners will not be sent to any journalists or industry insiders in a bid to keep secrecy regarding the storyline of the show. The unprecedented move was undertaken as the show’s creators take the story forward beyond the author George R.R. Martin’s novels of the best selling A Song of Fire and Ice series.

As a result of HBO’s move to send screeners to no one but Obama, journalist Vanessa Golembewski requested, through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), that Obama “share his advance screeners” with the people. Golembewski revealed the same in an article titled “Only Obama Gets Game Of Thrones Screeners, So I Filed An FOIA Request For Them,” published in Refinery 29 on Friday.

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Golembowski’s take, according to the application submitted to FOIA, was, “If the president — and by extension, our government — is in possession of a file, surely that file is subject to my request to see it as a U.S. citizen.” With Obama receiving the advanced screenings of Game of Thrones’ season 6 episodes, he would be able to know the fate of three of the show’s stars before the rest of the world waiting in anticipation. While in the “description” section of the application she wrote, “I would like President Obama to share his advance screeners for Game of Thrones with the public,” she penned “$0” as the fees she will pay for the information, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

As one of his favorite series, Obama had once talked about the fate of Night’s Watch Lord Commander. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Director David Nutter said last summer, “Three weeks ago, I was the in the company of the President of the United States. He turned to me, put his hand on my shoulder, and said, ‘You didn’t kill Jon Snow did you?’” To this, Nutter told Obama, “ Jon Snow is deader than dead.”

Game of Thrones returns with season 6 on April 24.

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