Obama Assures Democrats US Can Still Sanction Iran Despite Nuclear Accord, Report Says

Obama Assures Democrats US Can Still Sanction Iran Despite Nuclear Accord, Report Says
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President Barack Obama wrote to Congress to assure the U.S. will not waver in maintaining unilateral economic pressure and to execute military operations whenever necessary to contain Iranian aggression during and after the proposed Iran nuclear deal.


The letter dated August 19, a copy of which obtained by New York Times, was specifically addressed to Democrat New York’s Rep. Jerrold Nadler, and its contents are indicative that despite the Iran nuclear deal not open to changes, the U.S. government can still make steps not expressed in the agreement.

“Should Iran seek to dash toward a nuclear weapon, all of the options available to the United States—including the military option—will remain available through the life of the deal and beyond,” the President wrote as quoted.

The Iran nuclear deal has been blocked by Republicans and Mr. Obama is close to having the required number among lawmakers in sustaining a presidential veto to such block. The letter was sent timely.

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Obama close to getting the required supporters

In the senate, Mr. Obama’s Iran nuclear accord deal already has the support of 26 Democrats. Should the letter be found sufficiently persuasive by the other 5 senators thought to be inclined to support the deal, it would be hard for opponents to come up with 67 votes to override the veto.

New York Times reports that Californian Rep. Adam Schiff, a ranking member of House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, deemed Mr. Obama’s letter to have “expanded assurances that sanctions lifted under the nuclear accord could be re-imposed piece-by-piece, not all at once, to keep Iran in compliance.”

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