Nykea Aldridge Shooting: Dwyane Wade’s Cousin A Victim Of Gang Feud Or Is She The Real Target?

Nykea Aldridge Shooting: Dwyane Wade’s Cousin A Victim Of Gang Feud Or Is She The Real Target?
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Nykea Aldridge the first cousin of Chicago Bulls star Dwyane Wade was shot and killed in Chicago last Friday. But was Aldridge just another innocent victim of gang violence or was she the intended target all along.


Authorities say that it is the former. According to a press conference released by the police Aldridge was a victim and is an innocent party in the senseless shooting that took place.

According to WGN, Nykea Aldridge was a 32-year-old mother of four. Miraculously the infant in the stroller being pushed by her was unscathed in the shooting.

Nykea Aldridge Loved Her Family

Pastor Edward Jones, a relative of Aldridge and the family’s spokesman, stated that Nykea loved God and loved her family. She was just like any other wanting a better life, to live a better life.

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Pastor Jones added that the killing was tragic because it has now struck home with them. He also pleaded that something has to be done to stop the senseless violence.

Dwyane Wade was not in Chicago when the shooting took place, but family members were in contact with him and he was devastated. The Chicago Bulls player took to social media to air his grief at the loss of his cousin.

According to ABC 7, police reports say that a man walking nearby Aldridge was the intended target of the shooters. Two men approached the man and started firing indiscriminately.

She was unfortunately caught in the crossfire and was killed. She was just leaving Dulles school and walking down the street when the shooting happened.

Mourners set up a memorial for Aldridge calling her a “great woman.” Several others took to social media to express their support and condolences to Wade and the family.

However not all of them were welcomed. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump took some heat for misspelling Wade’s name and was accused of politicizing the senseless shooting.

Nykea Aldridge was studying early childcare & development when she died. Sadly, she is only one of the 2000 victims of gun violence in Chicago this year.

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