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NY Prison Break: Mitchell Had Sex With Both Fugitives – Report

NY Prison Break: Mitchell Had Sex With Both Fugitives – Report
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NY Prison Break: Mitchell Had Sex With Both Fugitives – Report

Prison employee Joyce Mitchell, who had been arrested on charges of helping fugitives David Sweat and Richard Matt, had allegedly maintained sexual relationships with the two men. The report comes as her husband, Lyle Mitchell, visited her in jail for the first time.

Three-way sexual relationship

Mitchell reportedly had sex with Sweat and performed oral sex on Matt, unnamed sources revealed to The Daily News. The sources said Mitchell’s husband had been kept in the dark about the relationship and had in fact consistently driven her to work every morning.

Investigators are looking into the allegations, The Daily News reported. Clinton County Sheriff David Favro refused to comment regarding Mitchell’s alleged sexual relationships. He said the only thing he is sure of is that Sweat and Matt have taken advantage of Mitchell.

“I think more than anything, they just played on her emotions,” he said.

Husband visits Mitchell for the first time

Mitchell’s husband, Lyle, had visited her for the first time since her arrest the previous week, CNN reported. The husband and wife talked to each other for an hour despite having a window glass between them, Favro told CNN. He said Lyle was supportive of his wife and Mitchell in return was comforted with his visit.

Attorney Stephen Johnson, Mitchell’s lawyer, said she was very distraught and very weepy before Lyle’s visit.

Attorney Peter Dumas said Lyle is providing support to his wife and is not planning to testify on her behalf – this despite being confused and disturbed himself. Dumas said Lyle cannot help but think about the possibility that the two fugitives are planning to kill or harm him.

“He’s very confused. It’s just a lot that’s been thrown on his plate right now. He’s kind of reeling,” Dumas said.


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