Nvidia Brings GameStream Co-Op For Live Game Streaming, No Extra Copy Required

Nvidia Brings GameStream Co-Op For Live Game Streaming, No Extra Copy Required
NVIDIA Shield Tablet with Wireless Controller Maurizio Pesce / Flickr CC BY 2.0

Nvidia recently announced a new feature called GameStream Co-Op for its GeForce Experience software for PC. The new addition will allow the users to stream games over the Internet while enabling other PCs and laptops to watch the video without an Nvidia graphics card.


The guest PC is not limited to just watching the game, though. It can take over the main controls and participate in any multiplayer game in the role of a second player. This is applicable for same-screen multi-controller games like Trine, Rocket League and Portal 2.

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The task becomes easy for guest PC

Joining the session of the game does not require an additional copy of the game. The second user just needs to paste a link in the Chrome browser and will be taken to the live page where the game is being streamed. The new plug-in for Chrome browser will be available shortly.

The live streaming of game is a technical extension of Nvidia’s already existing GameStream technology. The system comes with voice chat facility which makes it even more interesting.

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The only problem the live streaming can face is lagging. As this is live game streaming, a lag can change the outcome of the game. The guest PC as well as the Internet connection requires to be really fast to enjoy the new addition. Core i3-2100 is the minimum requirement to ensure command are received and sent back on time.

GameStream Co-Op will eventually depend on the Internet connection of the user. While playing with friends in the same city may be a good experience, playing with people in other countries may not.

Apart from launching GameStream Co-Op for its GeForce, Nvidia also launched its new graphics card, GeForce GTX 950 at $159.

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