Nun Marjana Lleshi: Facts About Iconic Photo In Wake Of Italy Earthquake

Nun Marjana Lleshi: Facts About Iconic Photo In Wake Of Italy Earthquake
Photo Credit: Pasquale Robustini via Compfight cc

A picture that shows a wounded nun covered in blood texting her friends and family in the aftermath of the disastrous Italy earthquake has captured the attention of numerous Internet users.


The image shows Sister Marjana Lleshi texting her friends and family in native Albania to say that she is still alive.

Marjana Lleshi: Nun was trapped under a collapsed wall

In an interview with the Associated Press, Lleshi recounted the terror when she found herself trapped under a wall that had collapsed. She said she was sleeping in her room at the Don Minozzi convent, next to the Church of the Most Holy Crucifix. She woke up and, realizing the condition she was in, called for help. But no one came to rescue her.

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“When I started losing all hope of being saved, I resigned myself to it and started sending messages to friends saying to pray for me and to pray for my soul and I said goodbye to them forever,” she said in the interview. “I couldn’t send a message like this to my family because I was afraid that my father would have an emotional collapse and die hearing something like that.”

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At least 250 people were killed in the tragic earthquake, CNN reports.

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Marjana Lleshi: “I heard a voice who called me”

As reported by NBC News, her rescuer came in the form of a young man caring for an elderly woman. “In that moment, I heard a voice who called me: ‘Sister Marjana, Sister Marjana,'” Lleshi said.

Her rescuer pulled her out and saved her. The image of the injured sister sitting on the side of the road and texting her friends and family that she had survived the catastrophe was captured by a photographer for the ANSA news agency.

On Thursday, she received medical checks for dust inhalation and got treated for her head wound. She was among seven nuns caring for five elderly women at the time the earthquake struck. Three nuns and four elderly women were killed in the incident.

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