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Nuclear War: Vladimir Putin Updating Doomsday Plane At Terrifying Pace!

Nuclear War: Vladimir Putin Updating Doomsday Plane At Terrifying Pace!
Ilyushin Il-80, Micoyan& Gurevich MiG-29 Dmitry Terekhov / Flickr em>cc by-sa 2.0


Nuclear War: Vladimir Putin Updating Doomsday Plane At Terrifying Pace!

As if a nuclear war is going to happen anytime soon, Russian President Vladimir Putin has launched an updated version of its nuclear-proof plane.

The plane, the Ilyushin Il-96-400, was built to secure Putin and his generals in case of a nuclear attack. Apart from its anti-nuclear weapon capabilities, the warplane is equipped with modern technology so the president can command his men on the ground, the Sun reported.

The new model of the nuclear-dodging plane is an update of the earlier version, the Ilyushin Il-80, which was launched last year. The Ilyushin generation planes were built for purposes of deterring nuclear attacks and securing the most powerful man in Russia.

But the rate Russia was able to develop technologies had experts thinking what the country has in mind. It can be recalled that tension between Russia and NATO reached an unprecedented level after World War II, when the alliance stationed missile interceptors and launchers in the Eastern Europe.

But Igor Korotchenko, Russia’s National Defense magazine editor-in-chief, told Sputnik that the new model of the Ilyushin aircraft was built primarily to continue command of operation in case of a nuclear attack or invasion. Korotchenko explained that even at an altitude of 10-12 km, the president could control vital branches of military with ease.

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“It ensures the inevitability of a nuclear retaliatory strike in case any country uses its nuclear weapons against Russia. Basically, this airborne command post ensures that no attack against our country goes unpunished. Any state that may threaten the safety or territorial integrity of the Russian Federation, that may launch a war or a sudden attack, would face retaliation,” Korotchenko said.

Korotchenko added that even in time of peace, the plane would be helpful for the president to command ground operations. Earlier, Putin announced the country’s major plan to overhaul and modernize further the Russian Navy.

In fact, during Russian Navy Day last weekend, Putin boasted some of the newly acquired warships and missile launchers. He also announced plans to refurbish the state-run naval school, as previously reported by Morning News USA.

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