Nuclear War Against Turkey Raised By Russian Politician

Nuclear War Against Turkey Raised By Russian Politician
Flying in a helicopter over facilities comprising transportation infrastructure of the Southern Federal District President of Russia / Website cc by 4.0
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Russian President Vladimir Putin should nuke Turkey as revenge against the downing of its jet bomber over Syrian airspace, a Russian politician said. If war erupts between Turkey and Russia, and NATO comes to the defense of its ally, Russia is left with no choice but to use its nuclear weapon, another Russian analyst said.


Turkey created a tense climate when it downed the Russian bomber on November 24. It could even spark World War 3. Turkey is a strong NATO ally together with 28 other countries, including the U.S. The Alliance can invoke article 5, which states that an attack to one of its allies is an attack to all. On the other hand, Russia has China, Brunei and Iran as allies.

A Russian politician has called for Mr. Putin to drop a nuclear bomb on Istanbul, Mirror reported. Vladimir Zhirinovsky suggested to annihilate nine million people as revenge for Turkey’s shooting of Russia’s bomber. “A nuclear attack can destroy Istanbul very easily. Just one nuclear bomb in the Istanbul Strait will wash the city away,” Zhirinovsky was quoted as saying.

The Russian politician is well-known for such outburst. He once told his aides to rape a journalist that offended him. “I say you run to her and rape the woman hard. Go and kiss her. Grab her,” he was quoted as saying once.

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Nevertheless, a nuclear war against Turkey could happen, according to Russian defense analyst Pavel Felgengauer. He said that if NATO countries join the conflict between Turkey and Russia, Mr. Putin will be left with no choice but to use nuclear weapons.

The likelihood of nuclear war is possible the moment Turkey shut down the Bosphorus. It is the only channel where Russia’s Black Sea Fleet can attack the Mediterranean.

While everyone awaits the developments (President Barack Obama and President Francois Hollande called for de-escalation but blamed Russia nonetheless), Mr. Putin imposed economic sanctions against Turkey. On Nov. 28, the Russian president signed an Executive Order suspending trips by citizens of Turkey in possession of ordinary foreign passports to Russia.

The Executive Order also instructs travel agents and travel operators to suspend the sale to Russian citizens of products that envisage visiting the territory of the Turkish Republic. Charter flights between Russia and Turkey have also been suspended. Other sanctions involve control over the activity of Turkish trucking companies on the Russian territory. There will also be control at ports and ban of marine and other Turkish vessels within the waters of Russian seaports.


  • ‘Erdem Luca’ Brasi

    Lets put it this way:
    This murderer putin should not trust its 70s technology.. neither the jets nor the rockets. Maybe some things will not work as he plans…….

  • Southern Patriot

    Fools! All wars are bankers wars. And the elite force the suckers to choose a side. We die, and they benefit.