Nuclear War Is Rising But US, Russia Could Stop This

Nuclear War Is Rising But US, Russia Could Stop This
Meeting with President of the United States Barack Obama President of Russia / Official Website CC by 4.0
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North Korea is stirring up tensions in East Asia which could prompt a nuclear confrontation with the West if not mitigated. According to analysts, even with North Korea’s threat, engaging in a nuclear war with the United States could be disastrous – the same goes for Moscow if a similar confrontation will happen. However, if only US and Russia could stick to their nonproliferation agreement, the nations could work together to stop NoKor from its nuclear war-mongering.


Any nuclear confrontation will be disastrous for the world but for political powers involved, more is at stake. North Korea has been stirring up confrontation, as it challenges South Korea and the US in the process. However, any mistake on North Korea’s part could be a catalyst for “conflagration and apocalypse,” a report from Malaysiakini noted.

As the publication said: “Unlike the Korean War in the early 1950s that dragged on for a couple of years, any war between the US and North Korea could spell self-destruction for North Korea.”

North Korea should consider Washington’s short fuse given its recent engagements in Afghanistan , Iraq and Syria. The West could potentially react strongly to NoKor’s aggression. This can also prompt Japan and South Korea to go nuclear on Pyongyang.

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Meanwhile, analysts are also drawing attention to the fact that any confrontation between Russia and the West could be bad news for nuclear non-proliferation agreement that could stop countries like North Korea from pushing through with its nuclear provocations.

“While the ongoing political confrontation between Washington and Moscow does not initially appear to have had a negative impact on nuclear disarmament policies, the truth is that it is weakening international nonproliferation cooperation,” wrote Pyotr Topychkanov for Russia Beyond the Headlines. While the US and Russia do not agree on all fronts when it comes to dealing with Iran and North Korea, they do agree on addressing nonproliferation challenges and threats  from the two nations.

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