Nuclear War: North Korean Soldiers Armed With Nuclear Backpack Ready To Spray Enemy With Uranium

Nuclear War: North Korean Soldiers Armed With Nuclear Backpack Ready To Spray Enemy With Uranium
North Korean Nuclear Reactor Construction Site Wapster / Flickr CC BY 2.0

After its absurd nuclear war rhetorics, North Korea has threatened the world with war tactics anew. But this time, it has announced that it is ready to deploy soldiers wearing backpacks with radioactive material.


Reports say that North Korea’s soldiers will be using special backpacks filled with toxic uranium. This extremely disturbing strategy from the isolated country came amid joint military exercises between the United States and South Korea.

‘Nuclear Backpacks’

According to reports, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has formed an elite team of soldiers who are highly trained to perform specialized tactics. This battalion reportedly has a mission to spray radioactive uranium to enemies.

This report was leaked by a source who spoke with the Radio Free Asia on a condition of anonymity. The source revealed that the members of the elite force were handpicked from a pool of soldiers with outstanding abilities.

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“Outstanding soldiers were selected from each reconnaissance platoon and light infantry brigade to form the nuclear backpack unit the size of a battalion,” the source told Radio Free Asia.

The special unit, which was organized as a battalion under the 9th corps, was stationed in the province of North Hamgyong. The elite team will be deployed in Munhwa-dong, Chongam-district in Chongjin city.

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Nuclear War Program

Meanwhile, Reuters reported that North Korea has made significant progress in missile production and technology, but there has been no clear evidence of its nuclear program.

Aside from its questionable nuclear capability, the highly secretive country does not seem to have enough fleet of submarines capable of launching long-range missiles in stealth. However, threats of nuclear attacks from North Korea remain, since it has conducted several short-range missile launches this year.

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