Nuclear War: Doomsday Clock Moving Closer To Midnight

Nuclear War: Doomsday Clock Moving Closer To Midnight
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Amid the growing tension between Russia and the United States over nuclear war, the scientists’ Doomsday Clock, which symbolically represents the global countdown to a nuclear catastrophe draws much closer to midnight—the threat of nuclear war.


Professor James Petras of the Binghamton University and Saint Mary’s University in Canada, in a report from the Press TV, said what’s even concerning is that the threat comes not from the Russian side, but from the Washington. Petras reacted to an American scholar Noam Chomsky, who earlier said Russia poses greater risk than the U.S on a possibility of nuclear war.

Petras, however, said that it’s true that a nuclear war could easily destroy civilization. He specifically pointed that in terms of numbers and actual threats, the United States poses more threat than Russia.

“To simply say the US and Russia could threaten a nuclear war is a gross distortion when the main threat is from the White House and Russia has played a very rational and peaceful role, especially in the Middle East,” Petras told the Press TV.

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Petras was reacting to Chomsky’s interview with the Democracy Now, where the latter mentioned about the Doomsday Clock and the role of Russia as well as the U.S in building up the threat of nuclear war just three minutes away from hitting midnight—the termination of species.

“Now that Russian archives have been opened, we see that it was far more serious than was assumed. We were at one point literally minutes away, several points in fact, minutes away from nuclear war. That’s where the Doomsday Clock stands now,” Chomsky told Amy Goodman of the Democracy Today.

It can be recalled that the nuclear war tension between the U.S and Russia has almost reached to a tipping point over the past weeks after reports of Russian war jets flying by at a dangerously close distance from an American fighter jet, as previously reported by Morning News USA.

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  • Wizard of Langley

    reckless journalism. World War III ended in 1991. Do better research and quit with all the conflict hype. The dire shit gets old.

    • Unknown Person

      That was the cold war dumb ass. WWIII has never happened. Learn history and be smart.