Nuclear War Alert: US Plans To Nuke Russia? Moscow Prepares For Worst

Nuclear War Alert: US Plans To Nuke Russia? Moscow Prepares For Worst
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War erupting between the United States and Russia increases by the day as both countries refuse to let up on their military efforts. However, the United States may be prone to using nukes as senior Kremlin officials warned of a dangerous fate for Moscow. Will the U.S. nuke Russia anytime soon?


US Plans to Nuke Russia?

According to senior Kremlin officials, it is now likely more than ever that there will be war between the United States and Russia, thanks to the former revealing its plans to upgrade its atomic arsenal. Specifically, America’s National Nuclear Security Administration reportedly gave the go signal on the B61 airborne nuclear bomb multi-million dollar upgrade.

According to critics, the plan could amount to as much as $1 trillion and will allow the West to update its stockpile of nuclear warheads. Two high-ranking Russian officials warned how the upgrade could only add to the tension between the two countries. The officials also said that having such project will only tempt the Pentagon officials to use the weapon eventually, as reported by the Mirror.

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Sergey Ryabkov, deputy head of the foreign ministry, noted that the new warheads would have less power but could entice Pentagon chiefs to use them since they have reduced impact.

“We were discussing this as soon as the plans appeared about creating something that according to the information that has been made publicly available has greater precision, but are not as powerful as other existing weapons within the U.S. arsenal.

“This means that the armaments threshold could in theory have been lowered, which of course will destabilize the situation to a certain extent,” said Ryabkov. 

Putin Winning in Syria

Nonetheless, even with the threat of U.S. nukes, Vladimir Putin reportedly sees victory in Syria. However, as close as Putin is to achieving victory in the civil war comes at the expense of the United States. If Russia wins, it will be harder to oust Bashar al-Assad without risking more dangerous military confrontation.

“Russia will stick to its guns in Syria and show the whole world we are right,” Bloomberg quoted Frants Klintsevich, deputy head of the defense committee in the upper house of parliament. He also said that trying to push rebel groups out of Aleppo is not a realistic goal.

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