Nuclear Bomb Dropped In Siberia, Russia? Watch As Mushroom Cloud Shrouds Russian Town

Nuclear Bomb Dropped In Siberia, Russia? Watch As Mushroom Cloud Shrouds Russian Town
Гриб в небе Serega / YouTube
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What's This?

Confused residents in a Russian town witnessed a strange mushroom cloud on the sky last Sunday. The sight resembled a cloud that usually follows after a massive explosion due to a nuclear bomb.


Fears and confusion started to circulate not only in the Russian town of Kemerovo. The fear increased when the massive cloud appeared in the midst of a blue and undisturbed sky, Russian state-run Sputnik News reported.

No Nuclear Bomb

The report emphasized that it was only an anvil cumulonimbus cloud, and it had nothing to do with any explosion. Local authorities also reported that emergency hotlines were flooded with calls linked to the so-called mushroom cloud. Local officials assured the public that it was merely a weather-related incident, and it has nothing to do with government-led explosions or accidents.

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Such fear is understandable among citizens of Russia and neighboring countries, considering the looming nuclear war between the Kremlin and NATO forces.

‘Chernobyl Sky’

In fact, this was not the first time such cloud was seen over the skies of Russia in the past few months. A similar and equally massive mushroom cloud was also seen shrouding the Russian city of Chernobyl early this month.

The cloud sighting, which was called the “Chernobyl Sky,” caused chaos among residents of the city. The cloud reminded Chernobyl residents of the tragic nuclear catastrophe that struck Ukraine in 1986, the Mirror reported.

According to NASA’s Students’ Cloud Observations On-line (S’COOL), the anvil cumulonimbus cloud is formed when air is lifted up to the tropopause until it reaches a point where it can no longer rise, hence spreading the anvil, creating the mushroom-like shape.

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