Now, Domino’s Lets You Order Pizza By Pushing A Button

Now, Domino’s Lets You Order Pizza By Pushing A Button
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Domino’s knows that there are times when customers want to have pizza, but they are simply too lazy to call or place an order online. For that, the pizza company has come up with a unique solution, the Domino’s “Easy Order” button.


According to Business Insider, the order button by Domino’s is available at Domino’s in the United Kingdom. The concept is similar to the Dash buttons by Amazon, except this one comes enclosed in a small pizza box. The way it works is that the button pairs up with the Domino’s app over Bluetooth. For a customer to start ordering, a registration must be done first by filling up one’s name, address and favorite order. After this, customers can expect the Domino’s pizza to be delivered every time the button is pushed.

According to Domino’s Pizza Group Sales and Marketing Director Simon Wallis, the Domino’s app is such a big hit that it has already been downloaded over 10 million times. Moreover, as much as 75 percent of orders for Domino’s are now made online. In case the customer does not want to accept the button, Domino’s also came out with a virtual button on both its website and app.

The company behind Domino’s unique pizza ordering button is called FLIC. When news broke out about the said button, the company has confirmed that they are, indeed, in partnership with Domino’s.

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As of the moment, there is no confirmation if the Domino’s order button will be offered in the U.S.

Finally we can announce our partnership with Domino’s Pizza. With one click of a Flic, you can order your favorite…

Posted by Flic on Monday, November 23, 2015