North Korea Retaliates Against US, SoKor Nuclear War Drills

North Korea Retaliates Against US, SoKor Nuclear War Drills
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Tensions are high on the Korean peninsula following North Korea’s threats. To answer to the growing concern, South Korea and the United States have started their largest war games ever which consequently did not register well for North Korea.


The West and the South Korea have started their joint military exercises on Monday but North Korea is warning the two nations about the said war games. The latter has issued threats of ‘indiscriminate’ nuclear strikes against the Seoul and the U.S. mainland.

BBC cited South Korean defense minister Han Min-koo saying that the military drills will be double the size of the previous year. A military official also said that more than 15,000 US and 300,000 South Korean troops will be involved in the war games. The exercises were in light of the heightened tensions between North and South Korea especially when the former tested a nuclear device back in January. A rocket launch followed the said test further raising concerns.

North Korea’s powerful National Defense Commission claimed hours before the start of the war games that it will be ready for an “all-out” military counteroffensive. “As the joint military exercises to be staged by the enemies are regarded as the most undisguised nuclear war drills aimed to infringe upon the sovereignty of (North Korea), its military counteraction will be more pre-emptive and offensive nuclear strike to cope with them,” according to the commission’s statement via Japan Times.

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It can be noted however that North Korea resulted to similar threats as such in the past. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga from Tokyo said that Japan will “never tolerate North Korea taking provocative actions.” “Our country strongly urges North Korea to sincerely heed the strong warnings and condemnation repeatedly expressed by the international community and to comply faithfully and fully with Resolution 2270 and a series of relevant resolutions without taking further provocative actions,” Suga told the press during a conference.

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  • Tont Davies

    I thought it was the US and S.Korea not the West and S.Korea. What is the west? That;’s pretty vague if you are trying to inform people. usually The West can include the EU countries and US and Canada but I guess we can just fill in the blank