North Korea Hydrogen Bomb: State Claims First Successful Test

North Korea Hydrogen Bomb: State Claims First Successful Test
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North Korea claimed on Wednesday that it has carried out a successful Hydrogen bomb test. This nuclear weapon is more powerful than a atom bomb.


If the Pyongyang’s  claim is to be believed then this is the fourth successful test since 2006, and mark a significant progress in nuclear capabilities.

The world leaders were swift enough to criticize the claims, with South Korea calling it “a grave provocation to our national security”.

But an independent confirmation to North Korea’s claim is yet to come.

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Can North Korea now launch a nuclear missile?

Despite North Korea’s claim the experts are still skeptical about whether the country can prepare a weapon small enough to fit in a missile.

What Do We Know Of The Latest Test?

Observers agree about a nuclear test, and it emitted more energy than the last one of 2013. But not enough to be thermonuclear explosion of a Hydrogen bomb, as claimed by Pyongyang.

The US Geological Services claimed that there was a magnitude-5.1 earthquake, 30.4 miles from the city of Kilju, North Korea. The country’s Punggye-ri nuclear test site is located here.

The previous three nuclear tests were also conducted in the same site by North Korea in 2006, 2009, 2013.